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Top 3 Sewing Machine Thread Brands

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Mettler thread spools

Top 3 sewing machine thread brands and why?

As a sewing enthusiast, I understand the importance of selecting the right thread for your projects. While many brands of sewing thread are available, Mettler, Gutermann and Coats and Clarks are the most popular sewing threads sold on the market. What is the difference between each brand? Why is one more expensive than the other?


First: Better quality thread, like Mettler, creates less lent in sewing machines. The lower the thread quality, the more lint it makes inside your machine. Why is this bad? Because lint collects in the sewing machine where you cannot see it, even when you clean your machine. This lint may cause more problems sooner than later that must be fixed at the repair shop. REMEMBER, DO NOT BUY thread cheaper than Cloaks and Clark. I know Amazon has excellent off-brand thread deals. Stay far away from them! They will wrack your machine!

Second: Mettler is your top quality thread sold at most sewing retail stores like Village Sewing Center and Napa Sew and Vac. Gutermann is a middle-quality thread sold at Joann Fabrics that creates minimal about of lint. Cloaks and Clarks is the cheaper thread sold at Joann Fabrics and Walmart that will generate more lent than Mettler and Gutermann. However, sewing itself makes lint in your machine from fabric. Your goal is to create the least amount of lint possible with the thread you can afford that is available to you.

Third: Using old thread in your machine is considered a sewing sin, but this is my opinion. First, How old is old? Some expert sewers say too old is a couple of months, and some say a few years. Second, keep your thread out of the sunlight. This will keep your thread newer and extend the life of your thread. Sunlight will weaken the thread. Third, Another issue is that older thread may not be compatible with modern, high-speed sewing machines. Advances in technology have led to changes in the materials used in thread manufacturing, which means that older threads may not be designed to work effectively with newer machines.

When determining if a thread is too old, these are the questions I ask myself: Is the thread breaking easily when I tug on it? Can I see lint coming off the spool? Is the thread wreaking havoc on the tension in my machine? I will not use the thread if I answer yes to these questions. However, if I answer no, I will use older threads, or if I need a specific color in a pinch and cannot run to the store.

What thread do I use in my sewing machine, and why?

I use Mettler and Gutermann thread before Cloaks and Clark or old threads. First, I only sew on computerized machines, so keeping the lint volume in check is more important than when I was sewing on non-computerized machines.

Second, I do not exclusively sew with Mettler thread because of the cost while doing a lot of sewing, and thread costs can add up. Mettler is a superior thread and, therefore, more expensive. I go through a LOT of thread with colors like white, cream, black, navy, and gray. The Gutermann thread comes in mega rolls for less money, so I do not run out as quickly. This also includes Guttermann variegated colors that I use when quilting. So I sacrifice some quality for quantity, making it easier on my pocketbook while regularly cleaning out my sewing machine. Nothing personal to Mettler, which I love.

Third: Yes, I sometimes use older thread or Cloaks and Clark in my machine, even though it would be considered unethical. Why? Sometimes I only need a specific matching color for a small project, such as when topstitching pot holders or small art quilts. I do not want to buy a whole spool of thread when only using a small amount, or the store is closed, and it is the only thread I have on hand. As long as the thread is not breaking or affecting my tension, I have no problem doing this sewing sin on small projects and for temporary use. I do make sure to clean my machine more regularly when knowing I am using lower-quality or older threads and then change out the thread ASAP.

About these three thread brands: Mettler, Gutermann, Coats and Clark


This thread is the top choice for sewing machines. One of the main advantages of Mettler thread is its high-quality construction. This thread is sold exclusively at higher-end sewing shops like Village Sewing Center and Napa Sew and Vac because of its quality. This thread may cost more, but their cotton is a high-quality 100% long-staple mercerized Egyptian cotton. However, they also have a high-quality polyester thread for synthetic fabrics and universal thread use. Their thread is robust, durable, and resistant to breaking, fraying, and knotting. It is ideal for high-speed sewing machines with less lint content than lower-end threads. The thread is also colorfast, meaning it will not fade or bleed when washed or exposed to sunlight.

In summary, Mettler thread is the best sewing thread for machine sewing. Its high-quality construction, versatility, lower lint content, and color range make it a top choice for many sewers. By selecting this premium thread, you are using a top-quality product. When it comes to machine sewing, choosing the right brand of thread is just as important as selecting the appropriate thread weight, fiber content, and color. With so many brands of sewing thread available, it can be challenging to determine the best option for your project.


The second best choice is Gutermann for machine sewing. Their cotton thread is made from mercerized cotton. This textile treatment improves dye uptake, tear strength and is fade and shrink-resistant. Gutermann thread is also known to be high quality, durable, and versatile, making it another top choice among novice and experienced sewers as it withstands the stress and strain of the sewing machine. Gutermann comes in a polyester thread for synthetic fabrics or as a universal thread. Gutermann can be found at Joann Fabrics and is more cost-effective than Mettler, coming in mega spool sizes, so you stay supplied with thread longer. Gutermann does have a higher lent content than Mettler when using. However, it is more cost-effective and still a reliable brand with a great color range.


The Coats and Clark thread is one of the most popular among sewing enthusiasts. This thread is at Joann Fabrics and Walmart. Coats and Clark cotton thread is a mercerized Egyptian cotton known for its luster, strength, colorfast quality, and affordability. PLEASE DO NOT buy any brand cheaper than Coats and Clark! Cheaper brands will wreak havoc on your tension and sewing machine. Even though a more inexpensive thread than Mettler or Gutermann, I have never had a problem with my tension or sewing machine when using Coats and Clark. However, to ensure good sewing machine tension, you must have Coats and Clark thread BOTH on your machine's top spool pin and bottom bobbin. Mixing a higher-end thread with a lower-end thread can be one reason the tension goes off on a machine. Also, because Coats and Clark is cheaper, this brand will cause more lent than Mettler or Gutermann.

Ultimately, the decision to use any thread will depend on your personal preferences, pocketbook, and specific requirements for your project. When choosing, it is essential to consider all the pros and cons and pick the best option for your needs.

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