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Heidi Sapere


As an artist, I strive to convey a feeling of dance and motion in my artwork, even when the piece is still. My love for art started at a young age, as my mother inspired and empowered women through The InVision Workshop Woman's Group. Growing up, my mother's artistic creations always surrounded me, and my passion for art was ignited when she printed my first masterpiece, "Angel Jumping Rope," during a silkscreen class when I was five. I began by drawing abstract designs with colored pencils but later switched to sewing thread and fabric to create costumes for dance performances.


My journey as a dancer began when I was thirteen, and I pursued jazz and modern dance in various studios and schools. As an adult, I expanded my knowledge of dance by exploring other styles such as Irish Ceilidh, Social, and Victorian Ballroom. I also performed the "Dance of the Veils" at different events and studied ballet at the Berkeley Ballet Theater. Additionally, I sewed costumes for Debrah Moss for a performance season.

As a fabric artist, I continue to create art through movement and expression. My focus today involves creating beautiful bags, boxes, pockets, and art quilts. Art has always been my passion, and I am grateful for the opportunity to share it with the world.

Explore more of my artistic journey through the online site There, you will discover collections of creative endeavors and see my progression and passions over time. I hope this journey inspires your own journey through the arts. 

My latest projects
Angel Jumping Rope drawing
Mom and me working on a drawning
Drawing in Berkeley
Art show in High School
Dance of the Veils picture
Dance of the Veils picture
Painted veil on streacher
Starburst Veil
Veils hanging
Dr. Who and Princess at Dickens Fair
PEERS 1920s dance event
Belly Dancing Northern Renessance Fair
Victorian Dress
Dance costume for Napa College
Victorian tie
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